Opportunities at Logic State

Digital Art Director

This position requires a proven cability to develop innovative Web and digital designs, with a focus on the potential to translate into multiple plaforms and formats. An understanding of brand considerations and general subject matter as they pertain to the capital markets industry is highly desirable. The Digital Art Director will present and sell ideas internally and to clients.

Information Architect

This position is focused on user experience design for the capital markets industry, and requires a full understanding of client and financial advisor interactions. The applicant must have a demonstrated ability to organize data-heavy views and produce adaptive designs.

Adaptive Web Application Developer

Logic State has multiple opportunities for experienced Web developers with a close understanding of adaptive frameworks and automated testing methodologies. Prior development experience with HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Protractor is required. Familiarity with capital markets concepts may be required depending on the specific position.